In the middle part of the Adriatic coast, on the southern slopes of remarkably attractive peninsula, grew the City of Split – a modern city, where old folk settlements have leaned on the grand Diocletian’s palace. By origin, Split is imperial city. It’s quite unlikely that without the palace this city would gain such glory and such special beauty, that doesn’t fade even after 1.700 years.



The Hotel Adriana is situated in the old center of the city of Split, at the coast street Riva.

The closest vicinity of the old city, the Diocletian palace, the coast and the Bacvice beach made our hotel a very attractive place for all guests and visitors, tourists or businessman.
The hotel Adriana is a recently opened hotel. The rooms are fully equipped, and on the ground floor there is a restaurant, a caffe bar, and aperitive bar, and an outdoor restaurand on the Riva.

All rooms are equipped with tv’s satellite and cable receiver, mini bar, telephone showers or baths, heating and air conditioning systems. Some rooms have view over Split Riva and the coast, while the others have view at the old town.

Our kind and professional staff and employees wish you a very pleasent stay in our hotel, during all year.

The official history of Split stretches back for 1700 years, when the Roman emperor Diocletian built his palace (emulating the form of the Roman military camp) as a place to which he would retire after stepping down from the imperial throne. However, preceding Diocletian’s palace, the site held the Greek colony Aspalathos, meaning the plant called Spanish or weaver’s broom (Spartia juncea). The plant is still numerous, especially on the southern slopes of the park-forest Marjan.